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Thread: Definition of PnS

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    Quote Originally Posted by zcwnfx
    canon S3IS dont have EVF meh?

    according to dpreview, it has.....

    i believe unless a camera has a SLR/TSLR system, its viewfinder is actually EVF or its not accurate.

    btw, i personally feel that evf sux.....

    but all in all, does the term matters at all?

    i think kenrockwell has a close enuff defination of diff level of cameras......
    ohhh, im sorry. S3 IS does have a EVF. my mistake!
    ohh ic, so optical view finders cannot be accurate unless it is SLR system? wats TSLR?
    and yes, EVF cant compare to optical
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    Default Re: Definition of PnS

    oops, not TSLR too.. hee hee... i was referring to twin lens reflective :P

    u know those that u look from the top. so 1 lens is to compose the other to take?

    hmmmm...... i believe the sharpness of the VF of SLR/DSLR is becos u are really looking through the lens that is mounted on the cam, via the prism and the focusing screen.

    EVF i think is thru the lens -> sensor -> processor -> LCD/EVF so there is a bit lag and also since its also a LCD there in the EVF, so all pixelated also.....

    no EVF for me :P

    another plus for most DSLR/SLR, big VF!!!
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    ooo, ic, didnt herad of TSLR b4 u mentioned it
    yeah of cos optical is better but no choice lah.... budget, so EVF for me
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    Default Re: Definition of PnS

    PnS camera to me is switch on aim and shoot. No need to consider lighting condition coz the built in flash usually fire automatically. I think the only thing users of PnS considers b4 shooting is the framing, ie. make sure head not cut off half way and such.

    For Dslr, to zoom out need to manual twist the lens. PnS just press zoom button and lens will auto zoom out. Actually it's both more fun and pain to manual adjust the settings for DSLR eg, aperture, exposure and shutter speed among other things. To put it simply, a lot consideration on light conditions b4 shooting. Dslr cams do have the Auto option, but then again no point in getting a Dslr but use it like a PnS. In such case the $$$$ does not justify the purchase.

    For prosumers, it's between two worlds. Like a PnS and Dslr.

    My 2cents

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