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Thread: Need advice from those in the IT industry

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    "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"
    says that education is the best investment anyone could ever make....

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    I am not really familiar with the IT sector, but here is me speaking from experience.

    1. From the economic environment currently, my advise is stay in school, delay graduating until the economic situation becomes better. Remember, even if the Gulf War is over by Jun 2003 (optimistic view), economic recovery usually lags 6 months!

    2. From the govt pt of view, better to do honours and make sure u graduate with 2nd upper at least. No pt doing honours and getting 2nd lower, understand. Civil svc will not look at 2nd lower favourably, but they will not tell u. I came from the govt previously, I know better. If civil svc hires, if two applicants are same in every other aspect, the one with honours and better grades wins.

    3. As for research, I think it may be wiser to consider honours prog, if u plan to take the research path. U never know whether one day u will end up doing a PhD, having honours means u can enter for a PhD program more favourably than someone with a general degree. This does not mean that having a general degree u will not be able to do a PhD later. I was a former post- grad SAF scholar that joined the svc with only a BA with Merit, but was given my post grad scholarship because of my abilities and my high CEP in the SAF. So there u go.

    4. Academic Knowledge and Working Knowledge. No direct correlation bte the 2. I wld say that some aspect of academic knowledge is useful in work, but most wld be returned to yr professors as soon as u graduate. what is impt is not the subject matter, but the thinking skills that they have thought u. I know someone in the USN that graduated with a Masters in Nuclear Physics and he is the most outstanding intellectual in the USN, he was also the former C7F and PACOM for the US Command. Remember, once u have developed yr thinking skills, u never lose it even after u leave school. I wld say hard sciences like CS, offers the best type of training in terms of critical thinking and analysis, useful for daily life problem solving.

    5. Is there some way that u do so well in school so that the school offer u some form of internship? Then u are likely to get some work experience in yr 3rd year before u proceed to do yr 4th year? Make the most of that internship, it may even land u a prestigious job in the civil svc.


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