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    Default Fruit & Fabric

    "Fruit & Fabric"
    Taken at Hoi An Central Market, Central Vietnam

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    Default Re: Fruit & Fabric

    would have prefer it without the guy there
    the fabrics look great

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    Thanks for the comments, grimacer.
    To give a little context to the photo, I was using a wide lens and shooting with the camera held at waist level. The colours were enhanced in PS.
    I figured this shot of the fruit deliveryman in motion against a static background seemed worth saving.

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    the man doesn't seem relevant here. maybe the fabric merchant would be a better constrast.

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    Color -is the skin of photo ... feeling is the soul ..

    Like you and me -- we are attracted to a ray of color especially if it on display .. as if it waving and calling at us ..

    But also due to this ray of color .. we offen got blinded and lsoe our focus ..

    the title .. is intresting .. sometime viewer would imagine what there are going to see..

    and this hope of seeing .. what there imagine offen spoil .. the photo or take away credit of what you want to show ..

    Fruit as stated on the title is like one of the 4 wheel you have on your car .. if i were to put it ..
    so you have three nice wheel and one " pong jack " ( flat tire ) it really give a kinda disappointment instead of joy or viewing ..

    as much is the ray of color .. call out to photographer and viewer alike . a nice Posh or ferrari having a Flat tire show the lack of power and the irony of contrast you trying to create here ..

    Great effort ..
    Osix uvlux


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