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Thread: Bye Bye Portugal...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venom81
    Germany is gonna win 3rd place.
    Who ever win 3rd place will be out for next WC in 2010 years.

    Is a curse! check the WC past history. Unless Germany can break this curse!

    Last WC turkey beat South korea but out of WC this time round.

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    Portugal lost? Good riddance. I do admit though that France was lucky to win against Portugal. Their play was a bit weak in this match. Hopefully they will play much better this weekend to make an interesting final.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaknafein
    yes i watched the match.
    there was contact between carvalho and henry. but it looks to me henry that, after henry knew carvalho's leg was there, he just dived. if u saw his facial expression, many would agree to me that it was a dive. maybe u should watch the replay.
    now, i never said i like the way portugese play, the frequency they dives, everybody knows. but i think portugese played better yesterday, and they deserve to win more than france did. but then again, this is football. the deserving team doesnt always wins.
    i agree with u, trezeguet is a much better choice to henry. firstly, becos hes a hitman, and henry is nto that type of player. 2ndly, i think henry can only get pass his defenders in EPL, and its a smart decision for him to stay at arsenal. put him in italian seria A or la liga, i think he'll be a bench warmer.
    not trying to start a flame, just my 2 cents.
    I total agreed...Henry did dived n won penalty but portugal dive n earn nothing

    Trezeguet is definetly better the Herny but to bad he is in the WC to warm benches!!!

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    never liked arrogant Henry.

    If only he could learn from his MUCH better behaved FRENCH player, Zidane.

    Portugese definitely played so much better than France!

    and yesh, tha penalty was hilarious..... have you guys ever played soccer and fell that SAME WAY?!?!?!? If you have, u will know HOW RIDICULOUS it is that AS you fall, you're EXPECTED to be able to retract your legs in split second, so as not to be "SEEN" intentionally tripping another opponent who should win the oscars!

    THe way we fall is how EACH and individual body finds its way to maintain a sense of counter balance.

    Portugal was Suay in that match.

    Go Italy (although i supported Argentina )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klose
    It's going to a boring Finals. The 3rd/4th playoffs will be more exciting
    why boring finals? becos italy play defensively?
    well, then i think england is 10 times worse. sorry if i offend anyone, but to me, eng is playing so terrible under erikkson. score 1 goal in the 2nd min, and then DEFEND ALL THE WAY. wat the hell!! im sure some of u will remember that match in the WC the past month.

    frankly speaking, italy has a strong defence traditionally, and i dun blame them for playing to their strong point. it would be stupid for a team who is good at defending to go all out offence playing like brazil. but if u take a look at their midfield and strikers, i would say they are pretty good at going forward. pirlo and totti has a great sense of vision. del piero still has got the touch. luca toni, great finisher, altho hasnt performed to expectations this WC, is pretty hardworking and drawing defenders to him. gilardino's finishing is also qutie good. now, put Gattuso just behind these players to win possession, plus nesta and cannavaro in the middle of the back 4, i dun think france has got much of a chance. i do like italy's attacking flair and the way they pass the ball, so i fancy italy against france. that is unless zidane can do his magic and unlock italy's defence!

    watch out guys, i personally think this would be a exciting final!! at least i hope it turns out that way!
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    I think the final will be a good game ..

    Italy was strong in the defence, GG Buffon was just too great. And the last game against the germans was really good. Excellent long ball along the flair, great control too. The strikers are great too.

    France is back with their striking form during their last match in the qualifying round. But I doubt it would create a problem in the Italy's defence. Zidane alone cant do much though he got some nice touch at times. Barthez don look convincing to me after Ronaldo's free kick and similar accident happened in last Euro as well.

    My bet will be on Italy to win before 90mins

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    France are good at their strategy. They play smart. But i don't like them.

    Italy are obviously stronger but i am just worried at France strategy. Hope the final won't be a boring one.

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    hey hi mtunlinn got win $$ to buy lens? :P
    anyway i think italy defence should be able to handle france attack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaknafein
    hey hi mtunlinn got win $$ to buy lens? :P
    anyway i think italy defence should be able to handle france attack.
    Stopped already. In this world cup, i win a total of 8 bucks.
    Thinking of buying a white colour lens.............................................. ...pen.

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    hahah hey the match was entertaining man!!
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    oh i won a totaly of 16 bucks lol
    bought 1 match and didnt buy liao
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