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Thread: Hello everybody :)

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    time for my beauty sleep.

    thanks for all the input guys

    nite nite

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    Default Re: Hello everybody :)

    some questions u might wanna ask yourself:

    do you need to print the images u shoot?

    no - then noise, megapixel and sensor do not matter (viewing on screen doesn't require as much resolution as printing)

    yes - the three i mentioned are important (don't overdo on the megapixel tho, actually 3mp is PLENTY, even for printing say 4R size, don't be fooled by "more mp is better" when all else is held constant)

    do you want to shoot close up (marco)?

    check out the macro capabilities of each of the cameras, the closer they can focus, the better.

    do you shoot objects very far away regularly?

    if yes, get one with a longer OPTICAL zoom. digital zoom is more or less useless unless u have no idea how to use photo editing software but it's not hard to learn how to crop.

    do you wanna occasionally take movies?

    if yes, then choose one that can take movies (i think most do anyway) and also whether there is a limit (other than the size of your memory card) as to how long ur movies can be, and wat resolution the movies are, and whether it records sound!

    do you think u'll be doing alot of viewing on the camera LCD?

    if yes, get one with a bigger screen, more shiok.

    will u be taking alot of pictures with the cam without a chance to charge, for example, travelling?

    if yes, get one that either has a longer battery life, or one that can use normal AA or AAA batts that u can buy readily. or you could just buy spare batts.

    i think that's all i can think of for now... should keep u occupied for a while.

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    Default Re: Hello everybody :)

    Quote Originally Posted by longkangman
    Wow can do TFCD for you bf liao.

    splash proof think only fuji.

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    Default Re: Hello everybody :)

    pentax and olympus has got waterproof digicams

    underwater action!

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    Fuji F11 or F30. F30 is the newer one
    great cam, takes great pics
    quite slim too but not as stylish
    Photo Album - Photo Album

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    Default Re: Hello everybody :)

    thanks for the suggestions guys

    will look around

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandfly
    thanks for the suggestions guys

    will look around
    post your quote here... just to make sure u have the best price when u finally decide..

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