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    Taken in Glasgow, Scotland. Please C&C.

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    the movement of lines is critical to the appreciation of a frame that primarily uses physical lines as compositional element. the tilt of the beam at the apex of the arched ceiling, within a frame that attempts to present some form of symmetry, unnecessarily created an unbalanced and unnatural frame. the eyes of the viewer will not comfortably run down the slanted line to the glaringly overexposed window. the lack of contrast renders the lines of the arched beams flat and rather lifeless. chopping the columns at the cornices easily creates the feeling of dismembered building parts, which is less than desirable. try a wider frame perhaps, and consider other settings to expose to capture more dramatic lighting.

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    It is a bit too grainy at the darker region, can try to use a lower ISO number? I also feel that the depth of field can be improved. Good try, what camera were you using?


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