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Thread: Raelian Revolution

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    Default Raelian Revolution

    Do u pple believe abt this? The revolution to build a embassy for the aliens.

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    People are just so bored nowadays.

    But seriously, you think there are aliens out there??

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    Default Yet another psycho cult.

    Sounds like yet another psycho cult. In the "Today" paper, Rael claims that he was once invited by a 4-foot tall alien to a UFO where he was told that humans were cloned by ET's. Also, he claims to have received devoted attention bny six voluptious female robots.

    Does this ring a bell anyone? However this does not preclude the possibility of them having really created a human clone. In fact it's very likely, I think.

    Cults like these come up every few years. Remember L Ron Hubbard and his Scientology "religion" anyone? Claimed that we were all created by this great alien called Xenu. It is still very strong in many countries. Bunch of lunatics. Look it up on google.


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