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    Default The steps

    While standing on the steps, I shot these...



    Simply shadows

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    Something that we seldom notice in life, yet is been around with us everyday.

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    Default Well Done!

    Like the Pointed one. I have to agree with rickygck. We hardly notice the nice angles there where we place our feet.

    Thanks for sharing.


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    Hi Rick & Nick,

    Thanks for the comments. Glad that you two like the shots.


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    I like the simple shadows.. I cannot tell it's steps but the shadows just create a space telling my head "those are steps".

    "Spread" looks like.. bums... many many bums facing you.. sorry cannot help it
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    Nice pic! Pic #3, can understand why government want to ban chewing gum.
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    I like the way you use the shadows in the first pic looks great!

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    I like #1, nice angle with the shadow.
    You took something so ordinary and turn it to something so interesting

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    Quote Originally Posted by sumball
    While standing on the steps, I shot these...


    i like this one... simple but interesting
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    Thanks everyone and glad that majority of you like shot no. 1. It is my personal favourite too.

    UK, after pointing out by you,.... I do agree that they do look like .......bums!


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