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Thread: 展翅高飞

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    Default 展翅高飞

    Chance upon these flying pigeons...

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    i guess you can't help it but the lower frame is really uninteresting for me and formed distractions more than contributing to the picture, kind of 'dragged' the entire picture down. maybe monotone might help?

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    I like the flight formation of the birds. I guess the background couldn't be helped unless re-framed at the point of shooting, which is unlikely unless it's a planned shot.
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    i would prefer a shot without the trees. ie only pigeons and buildings
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    After looking at it for awhile,it looks like there are some big...gigantic birds flying over the tall buildings,like being attack by aliens...maybe my eyes playing tricks at nite...
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    Thanks all for the input!

    YQ, thanks for pointing that out to me. I was busy after processing this shot and it is a cropped picture. Now after you mention it, I think the bottom part of the pic is really redundant.

    +evenstar, I see what can I do with the master file when I am not that busy...

    centurion_sg: Thank, yes BG cant help but was trying to create better shot with given FG, BG, or subject,... thats street. Seems like I fail.
    Rodz, yeah, my colleague asks me how come the pigeons are so huge. LOL
    Anyway, thanks all.

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    erm, looks very strange... birds n cities dun fit well i guess


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