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Thread: Coffee Table Book makers/printers

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    Default Coffee Table Book makers/printers

    hail fellow pros and masters...

    i seek all your holy advice once again....

    where to make coffee table books ? coz i dun usually do them, and now i met with one client want everything.. want this want that... so i have to give them... and i dun wan to DIY also.

    so where can i get these books done up ?? i am looking at a $8 - $10/page. i dunt really know the rates too.

    if you dun wish to reveal where its done here, you can PM me also. thanks.

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    U can try Fotohub's storybook. But not anywhere near your pricing. it alre costs $9.50 per page for lami. Coffeebooks usually costs in the range of 300+ at least if u do layout urself. Think it costs abt 10bucks a page for others to design at min.
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