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    Quote Originally Posted by Uvlux
    ok ... this is double comment i got ..

    First the cropped photo by one of the forum member .. Sorry the org is better .. the newly crop photo look like a trap .. enclosure , entrapment of the freedom ....

    Ok the Photo .... hm.. the contrast is good , yellow blue green . .. the line of the road is abit distracting . .. cos it kinda show .. where it started .. taking away the endless feeling .. the white line act like a ruler that measure the distance .. taking away the freedom .. that is much expressed ..

    The far reaching sky have that effect of never endling ..which give hope ....

    The photo show slihtly law bidding .. feeling .. why so .. The bike is park on the road .. slightly off the rough ..

    is like .. you choose to be on the lane .. instead of cutting cross the grasses .. placing it toward the rough would give more sence of breaking for freedom .. and giving it a more robust feel ..

    Japan is a nice place i been there myself and had stay there for sometime .. love that place

    Your work is the better one i seen so far.. maybe cos my personal love for japan played a role in giving it a better judgment .. then again .. keep up the effort .. good work

    osix uvlux
    Thanx! I like Japan alot too! Hmm... I do have another photo which doesn't include the white line on the road at the right bottom corner. In the end, I chosen this one as I feel it gives the "from here till the end of the road" kind of feeling?

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    Beautiful! [the senery]

    A tighter crop and some shadows & highlight adjustments from PS

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