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Thread: Sickening Witch Return

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomlowct
    scold her in our heart but not spell out lah, too discourtesy. dun be like her hoo
    k*n n* n* b* eh ch*o c* ba* my god, too vulgar
    seem to me u offering something...

    Kon ni na bu eh Chocolate Bar?
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    Quote Originally Posted by simon80
    I think I will scold her .. the infamous 8 letter words

    8 letter words???? There are no 8 letter words in the abreviated phrase K.N.N.B.E.C.C.B.


    Mine only 7 leh...

    KNNBCCB (so wats that E?)

    I think he means 'eh'. But you are right it is suppose to be 7. But correct me if I am wrong.

    I was very shocked to read about the behavior of this lady, and actually what even shocked me even more is no one stood up to defend this poor fella.

    I have seen many instances people just stand there and stare, like it isn't my problem, I don't want to get involved.

    Get involved!!!! Make it your problem. I believe that making a difference in someone else life goes along way.

    Sorry to the thread starter,don't mean to come down on you but next time don't be afraid, no one will think of you any less if you do get involved. I think once you make that initial move others will follow. Lead the way,dude!

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    Default Re: Sickening Witch Return

    i already prepare a blade to stab on the witch's mouth until she die tragicly

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