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    I'm creating a series of photographs using my SE w810i on the day to day random images I capture on it. It would be revolving around my life, but not necessarily me being the subject. It may be abstract, straight to the point, or downright boring.

    The SE is such a fun phone camera.... so pocketable.

    Here is the first series of 5 images.

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    After seeing so many SE phone pic, I concluded that SE phone can really take good pic.....but I cannot buy as my company doesn't allow camera phone.

    The pic you take are quite nicely composed. I like the 1st pic.

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    For a handphone camera, it is really fascinating! However, i still dont think it reaches the same par of compact digital camera.
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    Yeah, I agree the SE phones dont reach the standard of a compact digicam. In fact it is not as good as my 2mp Canon powershot A40 5 years ago.

    Still its good to have a camera anytime, and everytime in your pocket.

    Although the image quality is subpar, a good photograph does not necessarily have to ultra sharp, ultra clean.

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