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    i would like to hear some opinions from u guys on these 2 photos. they are the same shot, except that the 2nd one is croped tighter. what do u guys think is better in this case?
    or there's no difference at all?
    to me, i think the 2nd pic is better as i think the tighter crop puts more focus on the subjects. the 1st pic has too much "empty space" imo.

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    Default Re: need opinions

    i agree with you, but i'd prefer the crop to have even less empty space on top

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    thx ortega...
    i would thought most ppl wouldn't like the tails, or feet of animals to be cut off...
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    i tried using ur suggestion. yeah i do think its better now

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    You can post on Photo Gallery and asked for opinions there. That's the proper corner.

    I think it is better than this Newbie Corner.


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    ok ack, sorry.
    thx will do that next time
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