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    Default color channel mixing

    read this from a national geographic website, comments by a pohotographer on how to convert color files to gd black and white.
    'Q: I'm curious to know how digital color photos can be converted to black-and-white and still have the contrast between clouds and sky without the use of a yellow, orange, or red filter.

    Is there a preset for that kind of thing in Photoshop or similar software?

    A: Depending on the software you are using, there are many ways to do this.

    Look at the individual red, green, and blue channels and see if there is one you like. If not, then look in the software for a way to mix them.
    Mark Thiessen
    National Geographic Photographer'

    Can anyone teach me how to mix the colors & wha to look out for when i'm looking at each individual colors?
    thank you

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