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    My very photogenic cousin. Malaysia.

    This is like my third portrait photo, so C&C welcome as always.

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    this is also my third time looking at this picture, and i decided to leave a comment

    you've got a sweet looking subject, but i'm not quite agreeable with the background which i feel you might have originally included to follow some rule of thirds. i think a square crop letting your subject fill up the entire frame might work better, at least for me

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    U hv gt a Sweet model!
    I like her innocent and cheerful expression
    she got sharp features too.and u gt it all captured in the pic.

    Keep up the gd work!

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    Thanks! (:

    How's this, then?

    Personally, I think it looks less interesting this way.

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    Prefer your crop and composition. Good.

    Only comment is the lighting. Rather flat.

    Can be better if there is directional ligthing from the side. Can be done if you have professional gear, but if not than just change her position vis-a-vis the light source which I suppose is the sun on a cloudy day and close to noon. And also take at another time, like earlier or later.

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    Just one hair spoils a beautiful pic (cropped version) of a beautiful girl.

    Can you PS it away ?

    Time, is an effortless construction :)

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    Hmm I don't have a flash. So I just turn her so that the sun's on her side?


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