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Thread: German team beat Argentina team..............

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    For those of you who wonders

    1) why a coach would sub out their key striker and the playmaker with just a 1-0 lead against a strong team with more than 30mins left.
    2) Referee favours Germany in most 50-50 fouls
    3) Why argentina did not get the penalty but a yellow card

    Here are some of the rumored reasons

    1) If germany lost, there will be a few games where the stadium is not packed. (Recall how Korea got that far in the last world cup).

    2) Germany spent a lot of money for FIFA to make this a great marketable event, new stadiums etc, so must give face.

    3) Coach was rumored to threatened to death if Argentina wins. He quits right after the match, guilty concious?

    Believe it or not, up to you. I just did some research in the net because I cannot believe what the coach did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barrios
    I totally agree with u........the Germans were under tremendous pressure from Riquelme and Crespo until the duo were replaced......damn. In fact, the Argentinians were a hardworking lot right from the beginning, always fought for possession of the ball. A Messi replacement would have caused a MESS to the Germans. This was the first time I saw the Germans were so lost and vulnerable. I would say the Argentinians deserved to win .... A Brazil and Germany final will be fantastic At the end of the day, I speak only for myself ........ kekekeke
    oh yeah and Brazil winning the World Cup will be the nicest icing to the cake

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