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    To echo rebbot: Articles on "What is Digital Photography?", ie what is in it that makes it something other than using a memory card instead of film. I think digital is fundamentally different from film, in that what is a good digital capture is a different thing from a good film capture, but of course a good image reamins a good image. But digital offers a different way to this good image.

    And then of the issue of what is image manipulation and what's wrong or not wrong with it. Can sure create a long sustaining series of articles and views on these issues.

    Then another section on whats next in photography, eg beyond auto focus, but selective focus during post processing, more and more megapixels, storage problems, any future in film, etc etc ... just too much .. wont mind contributing to all of these

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    A FAQ newbie section would be nice: Topics like how to chose a (d)SLR, Why you need a Dry cab, Difference between (d)SLRs and PnS, etc...

    I think most of the info is there in the forum, just need to dig up and collate.

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    I would only suggest non of the topics that can be found just simpler be Goggling.
    Pls don't ever have a "how do I calibrate my monitor?","Is post-processing cheating" or "Film vs Digital" type of articles..

    A.Would like to see PRO DIARY, sort of following a commercial shoot to see whats involve, experiences,etc.

    B.Would love to see competitions.PRO photographers cannot take part,haha..

    C.Have articles by stylists, makeup, models...worst experiences, what they wish from PGers,etc..

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    wow...many thanks for all the suggestions so far folks....keep 'em coming! looks like we got enough material for many many issues!

    you can buy better gear but you can't buy a better eye

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