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    I would like to create a feel that the boat is the only hope of escape from an island.

    I dun think i captured the feeling well enough but have no idea on how to make it betta.
    Advices? Comments? Critics? Please..

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    It's very over-exposed. You've lost all texture in the sky.

    To achieve your effect, you should have a shot pointing down the beach.... Show a long, abandoned stretch of beach, no other people, then just the boat...

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    the composition doesn't work to tell your story. the boat looks more like a ticket to get out of somewhere (here) and go out into the sea to nowhere. or even looking like someone has just landed on this beach from somewhere. you'll have to try some other angle. if there's a vast stretch of beach you might want to proportion the boat much smaller with respect to its environment to emphasis the idea of an isolated boat. you'll really need to think about how to depict a threatening environment which you wish you want to get out of as well.

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    Thanks for the comments guys

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    The only feeling created is that there is no hope in the photographer ...

    certainly no sense of island or escape ...

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    Haha.. Learning mah hehe

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    dun worry dude.. we're all learning.. but this shot is quite over exposed... but I like the idea.. =)

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    It gives me a feeling of just "arrive" from somewhere instead of "leaving".
    Maybe turning the boat to face the other direction will help.

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    Thanks guys

    From what i had gathered.. i should have the boat slightly further, facing out into the sea, with a few broken bottles(if possible) on the sand, and to make the pic appear gloomy( I was actually thinking the light create a feel of hope)

    Please correct me

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    Maybe instead of a portrait picture .. a landscape one would help ... Yeah I also agree the sky is over exposed

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    I think it will be easier to depict "All hope lost". -- by deflating the ONLY boat and showing a large area of the deserted island (viewer can see that there is no other mean of escape except by the boat but the boat is deflated!)

    hope u dun mind my comment, just speaking out of my mind =)

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    I guess that you must be a diver or someone who visits this island/place a fair bit, therefore the idea you got. Maybe you will want to think along very different lines, role play yourself as one shipwrecked on this island. You might a very different way to make this picture then.

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    " CAST AWAY "

    show you a boat of such title ..

    IN this photo i saw a boat -- random photo from a collective memory of more random photo .

    the Boats is centre - place in the middle ..
    you need more SPACE .. Giving it the zone and one and only feeling .. ...

    What i relate to this photo is that someone walk pass a Boat and some idea stuck him .. so he randomly take his camera and shot it .. on the way home he randomly select it out and randomly pop a topic on it randomly post it online ..

    why i say so .. is just too normal looking .. not much feeling in it .. i would say lack the sence of NEED .. in a crisis which This Boat is the light and hope of all ..

    Ok . exposure and lay out wise .. you should had know by now..

    placing an object in the center , might not be the best choice by placing it too far sided might show a alonely boat intead of a needy boat ... --

    Giving more space around it would create a sence of lost .. or may i say creating a only boat feeling .. as the boat take up like 1/4 of the photo - it more or less lost that feeling to it ..

    but instead become a study of a boat ... if maybe the title is " i SAW A BOAT " or " My BOAT "

    Is the " BOAT of Hope "
    so you need to express that feeling out .. how .. ANGLE .. a direct shot is boring .. it show
    the lack of urgency -- the usual --daily routine or most photographer standard reply to an object .. " SEE , imagine is nice , shot it , then go back think of a title " not the best way . but is simple .

    simple show lack of need .

    imagine a hungry person reaching out to the only grain of rice out there ..... apply it on the Boat .. giving it a far reaching much needed feel ..

    pardon my spelling .. but i hope i get that idea i am trying to imply for you ..

    be it that you step one or twice .. is all lead to the road of success .. is just a matter of time now ..

    good effort keep it up

    osix uvlux
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