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Thread: Anyone here from Temasek Poly? Need help with ques.

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    Question Anyone here from Temasek Poly? Need help with ques.

    My previous thread's title din seem to get the help I need - So I created a new one
    Thanks Roy, and apologies for not having removed the dup. before I started another one.

    My question is - How to shoot those "droplet splashes".

    I just watched this programme on Channel U on Tuesday night at 9.30pm
    - "Project Y II Y计划 - 行行出状元"
    It was introducing some guy studying design in Temasek and all.

    At the end of the show, when the credits were rolling, I saw this part where there was a group of students in a studio dripping some orange coloured liquid into a huge tank of water. The setup seemed to be a single backlit for the tank of water, and the resulting photos were multiple freeze frames of orange droplet splashes. (They were using a DSLR & computer)

    I am assuming that the orange liquid compound is slightly heavier than water causing it to slow down enough for non-flash photo capture of it splashing into the bottom of the tank of water.

    Anyone have any idea what that whole setup is or what the liquid compound is?
    If you have friends studying design in TP, pls help to ask, I would really like to find out more.
    Thanks lots!

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    Default Re: Anyone here from Temasek Poly? Need help with ques.

    Shot wasnt by TP.
    Was a studio, not sure if its Calibre Pictures.
    Perhaps someone else can confirm.

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    Default Re: Anyone here from Temasek Poly? Need help with ques.

    get a cam capable of high frame rate (5 or 8 fps) as you drip, study the timing during the trial and error runs and during actual shoot fire away your machine gun.

    Else if you want 1 shot 1 kill, use an electronic trigger easily* made with an optical trigger (like james bong movies when you have a light source in movies normally red line of laser on 1 side and when you cut the light beam something happens, in this case your shutter trips). Again this method also need some trial/error setup to time when the drop hits the water surface after cutting the 'light beam'/sensor.

    *easy is relative, sorry. Easy for ppl who know how.. costly (to buy) for ppl who doesn't.
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    Question Re: Anyone here from Temasek Poly? Need help with ques.

    Thanks firestone, but i was not refering to the filming of the programme but rather the scene at the end where the programme filmed a group of students in a studio actually doing a photo session.

    Also many thanks to yanyewkay, I supposed what you mention would be the case for a normal "droplet splash" scenario. But I think I was not clear in describing the scene I saw in the programme.

    Let me try again -
    In the studio with the students' setup, there was a large clear tank of water that was backlit with defused continuous uninterupted light source, then the programme closed in on a girl student releasing an orange liquid compound into the water, using a syringe, just below the water surface.
    The orange compound did not dissolve into the water but formed droplets and kinda "floated" down to the bottom of the tank of water, creating a slow-mo splashing effect as each orange droplet hit the bottom of the tank.

    Anyone seen this technique before?
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