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Thread: canon s30 or olympus c4000?

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    Default canon s30 or olympus c4000?


    Newbie here looking for first digital camera, no previous photography experience except for usual auto-focus stuff but I want a camera that I will not have to upgrade for a long time.

    Which is better overall between s30 and c4000?

    Particular factors I am considering are:
    image quality (I read on imaging-resource the s30 is better than many 4mp cameras, is this possible?)
    responsiveness (short lag time)
    battery life
    cost (including extra batts)

    It seems to me the s30 is an older model so I'm not sure if it matches up to the 4mp c4000 but it's more portable and has quicker response. The c4000 uses 4 AA batteries but I think the s30 can buy oem batt for about $35. Correct me if I'm wrong.
    Any other advice or input appreciated.

    Does anyone know how much these are and where to get from? The s30 was 899 at the sitex fair and so was the c4000, both came with goodies like extra memory etc.


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    afaik, c4k still got some goodies... buy from me? hehe
    s30 maybe roadshow only... carrefour had a canon fair

    c4k has a bright constant aperture lens of f/2.8, while s30 is 2.8-4.9 as you zoom in... s30 is, sigh, of course metal-bodied and sleeker...

    biased, maybe but I think the c4k, vs the s30, is a better camera.
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