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Thread: Recommendation for PDA (Palm-Top)?

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    Haha no need to PM lah.. its no secret. Just that I can't remember the name of the shop... My memory is failing me nowadays.... sigh...... All I remember is that it is the only shop in Sim Lim that starts with A and has if I am not wrong 3 branches in the same building. 1 on one floor and 2 on another floor. However one thing to note. Do go around and ask for the best price. Even with the shop I bought it from, one branch said SGD 510 and another branch said 468.... can be confusing.

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    thanks Yeoww and CreaXion

    will check with edpol abt the screen protectors...just hoping I won't have to spend a bomb buying accessories for the Palm Tx...

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    [QUOTE=CreaXion]Rubbish. What rubbish is that shop talking about? Palm is built for PC.

    Ha hA, agree, it's absolute rubbish, in fact Palm is bulit for Windows, certain application if you want to use on Mac you need to buy seperate software......another example of lacking in product knowledge of local sales

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