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Thread: Which truck to buy ..?

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    Default Which truck to buy ..?

    Well have to make a decision on which 10' Diesel truck to buy ...?

    Nissan Cabstar
    Toyota Dyna
    Mitsubishi Canter

    any expert advice?
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    Default Re: Which truck to buy ..?

    Wah Fren, want to change truck? Is it the one your driver drove to look for me?

    My vote: Mitsubishi Canter
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    Default Re: Which truck to buy ..?

    To me no 1 factor is petrol consumption, disel price is up up up.

    2nd, for me most important for a truck being able to park at any multi carpark!

    Last time on a Isuzu(forgot model), almost every HDB carpark I had problem entering.

    Nissan Cabstar, some carpark ok some cannot.
    Unlucky once at marine parade carpark, went up fourth storey of the carpark with 2 passenger in front and 4 more friends behind lorry, when exiting carpark I asked all of them to wait downstair for me.
    Guess what? I kena struck at the down slope , cannot forward cannot reverse! Because the lorry top hook was jammed against the wall... Immediately call all my friends up stair and up the lorry....... before I can leave the carpark!
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