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Thread: 10 Jul need to pay $$ for SBG carpark...

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    Aiya let them complain lah. After complain they will still come back to SBG one.

    People are like that, at first is FREE and suddenly need to charge for parking fee of course make noise and complain lah. Eventually everything will still come back to normal.

    Just like Gov want to increase bus fare people will also complain. In the end they LL still have to pay and take bus wat.

    Life still have go on and let move on.

    Later SBG entrance fee have to pay too. hahaha
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    Default Re: 10 Jul need to pay $$ for SBG carpark...

    Quote Originally Posted by yanyewkay
    COE planning/car ownership and parking charges are not related. They weren't factored and planned for by the same ppl..
    Directly or indirectly, they are related. The condo estate I stay at is now brimming with cars due to the current low COEs, which certainly wasn't the case when I moved in 6 years ago. The management have now decided to restrict the registration of 2nd cars for lots and are considering imposing parking "fees" in fairness to those who do not drive but still contribute to the conservancy charges. The COE policy and condo car park policy are obviously planned for by totally different people, but the knock-on effect is undeniable. Another example would be the exorbitant car park fees you would pay in Hong Kong, would you not agree that it is a result of a lack of space and a liberal policy towards car ownership?

    Quote Originally Posted by yanyewkay
    AFAIK, places like thailand, some places in China(i haven't been to all) and Tibet allows locals to park and enter places of interests for FREE while they only charge the tourists. I've not seen any of this happening in sg.
    I fail to see why that is an equitable policy or even a useful exercise. It is just another form of subsidy, taking from the government pot and denying its use in other more important areas.

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