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Thread: Any recommendations for accomodation in Victoria, Brisbane and Gold Coast?

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    Default Any recommendations for accomodation in Victoria, Brisbane and Gold Coast?

    Hi guys,

    I am on the lookout for nightly accomodation for my trip in Victoria, Brisbane and Gold Coast. We are doing a self-drive trip and have 7 adults and a child in the group. Hoping to get places which are safe and clean and under $50 AUD per person. I have looked at plenty of websites but there are just so many accom around. They all look nice and its really hard to choose! Would be great if you guys can advise me on which to take for the following places.

    We are looking for service apartments or self-contained unit as I heard it would be cheaper if you have a larger group. For example, tariffs are for 2 and if you add the additional cost for 2 extra person and divide it equally, the tariff per person is lesser. We can stay as a group of 8 or 2 groups of 4.

    I found this very good site where accom are listed and if you have stayed at any of these,do give me your recommendations and reviews. Would also welcome other suggestions. Thanks!!!

    Apollo Bay (first night)

    Warrnambool(2nd night)

    Halls Gap (3rd night)

    Melbourne (4th night, hoping to find somewhere within walking distance to Crown Casino. I guess that wouldbe Southbank and flinders Street?)

    Brisbane (5th night)

    Byron Bay (6th night)

    Gold Coast (last night)


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    Default Re: Any recommendations for accomodation in Victoria, Brisbane and Gold Coast?

    Hi Boroangel,

    I've done self-drives like you (though in a smaller group and without a kid in tow), and my recommendations are :

    1. In the countryside (like Warnambool, Halls Gap, etc), just try to get there by 4/5pm, and drive around a bit looking at motels. There's usually a tourist bureau (free), or at least a tourist map as you drive into town, and you can figure out what's available there. Just drive up to a few motels, and check out the prices and state of the places. You can sometimes get very good rates, especially now that it's wintertime.

    2. In Melbourne, if you want central, I'd recommend the Saville Suites on Russell St. There's parking underneath (AUD9 per day, IIRC), and you're right next to Chinatown. I can't be sure, but there's probably a free shuttle to Crown Casino from somewhere nearby. The Saville Suites are nice, clean, modern, and so convenient. It may be better to book ahead for this one ...

    I can't help with actual accommodation recommendations for Brisbane and the Gold Coast, but I'd advise making a choice before you leave and booking ahead, just in case.

    It sounds like a lightning trip of sorts, whoever's driving will be tired, as well as the passengers. May I suggest staying in Victoria, and adding in things like Philip Island, the Western District (eg. gold mining town of Ballarat), more time in Melbourne (Victoria Market, St Kilda, catch a show at one of the many theaters, etc) ? IMHO you will likely enjoy your trip more.


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    Default Re: Any recommendations for accomodation in Victoria, Brisbane and Gold Coast?

    Forgot to mention ... I've actually stayed at Saville Suites myself, and really like it. Unlike some serviced apartments, it's even got a washing machine (and if my memory serves me, a dryer) inside the apartment. So you can do all your laundry for the whole family just before you fly off ! Kitchen's pretty spacious as well, though you'd probably just walk down to Chinatown to eat. Or if you want something different, there are Greek restaurants one block down on Lonsdale St ... you may even want to bring some of their sweet snacks home (like baklava).


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