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Thread: Harlow!! new digicam owner here - FinePix M603 ;)

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    Default Harlow!! new digicam owner here - FinePix M603 ;)

    have been lurking around the digicam section of HWZ forum & for quite a while only to find out now there's this site dedicated for [local] photography!

    hmm...first thought that comes to my mind is that fujifilm camera seems less popular compared to the rest; if going by the # of posts in the respective brands forum sections mean anything.

    anyway, here's to say hi to all!!

    realized also that my M603 is not popular too as noted in the forum search result. if anyone interested to know how it performs or deciding on getting it (versus V3) too, let me know!

    for a start, since this is a thread for tips/tricks, the following url will lead to some crazy things I'm doing on "stress testing" my M603 on video capturing... M603 - capturing video till card full

    Also, am interested to know how I should test & compare the pics quality of this digicam with the s602 which some says M603 is a strip-down version of.
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    Welcome to Clubsnap, hans.


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