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    Riding on the successful COL #1 B&W workshop conducted, we're proud to present the COL #2 B&W intro workshop. Please note that this will be essentially a film based workshop and participants are encouraged to come with your film cameras. All digital photographers who wanted to know more about the fundamentals of film photgraphy especially B&W photography, here's your chance. The details are as below:

    Date : 01 July 2006, Saturday
    Time : 1 - 4 pm
    Venue : Will be emailed to the confirmed and paid participants
    Fees : S$70 per person (for materials & rental of place)

    There'll be very experienced B&Wphotographers to lead you through this workshop. Feel free to ask any questions as we intend it to be informal and interactive.

    We'll be covering the following during the workshop:

    1. Film bulk loading....u din know that you could roll film yourself, right?
    2. Basic exposure and lighting knowledge
    3. The characteristics of films & its chemicals
    4. How to develop your own film....yes....right in your own house!
    5. How to "read" your negatives....
    6. Tips on Printing your negatives

    There will be "Live" hands on for activities above. You will be brought through the process of bulk loading, film reel loading, developing, fixing & washing. There will also be a chance to handle some live shooting with guidance from the instructors during the workshop with the film provided. We will run through the Alpha to omega of the film developing process during the workshop. The film loaded will be shot and developed during the workshop.

    All particpants will get the rolled films during the workshop for your own usage after the workshop.

    Kindly send me your details to this email :
    Details like your name, Nick, contact number & email should be included.

    For payment, please transfer the payment to POSBank Savings account : 073-13414-5 or do a quick cheque deposit (under name "Yap Yin Seng)". PM me after you have done the transfer.

    Please sign up below to reserve your place (max of 10 particpants):


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    Upzzz! Good workshop for those who are keen in doing Black and White Photography.

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    5 more vacancy left....anyone wants to attend this's definitely worth yr time....see last workshop's pictures....

    The man behind the lens.....

    Student...: "U know the light & the model & the hair ...blah..blah...blah..."

    Now all of you try what I just say....

    The developing process...bringing your images to life.

    Now...let's take a look at the good & bad examples.....

    Hope to see more of you who are interested on this coming workshop.....Join us now...

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    U know the fixer can be reused, right?

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    cant make it if only it starts at 3pm
    waiting for #3, then

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    It'll be a long time before we conduct the next workshop becos the workshop is not well subscribed with the dwindling interest in B&W photography.....


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