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Thread: Shooting in Winter

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    Quote Originally Posted by vii_haven
    also, i'm only thinking of bringing my 10-22mm and my 50mm on the trip and a slik 330dx. do you think it's sufficient? was thinking of bringing a friend's 75-300 (for shots inside the sydney superdome - i'm going for hillsongs conference) too. should i? cuz i wanna travel light. and i have a 24-85 too. is the 10-22 and the 50 sufficient for my needs?

    Nice to know that you are going to hillsongs conference....
    I always shoot wide when I travel to scenic places and taking pics on scenery. I do not prefer to Zoom shots as you loose too much details and more over it is real heavy. More over, these zoom shots, you can take them way back home, no different, perhaps only the weather.

    Since you are going to the city, you might find interesting portrait shots, then 24-85 or some prime lens like 50 or 85 is recommended.

    If I have to make a choice of your lens; I will carry 10-22, and 24-85.

    Do enjoy your holiday.
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    Here's some pointers or expensive learning lessons
    1) Batteries drained out real fast and hunting batteries in the bad and changing batteries
    on the move for 0 -3 degree celsius with moderate wind is no joke..

    (2) try your best to switch off camera when attaching flash or changing lens. Cold air = Static built up. If unlucky it just short-circuited your gears.

    (3) Travel light is the key for enjoyable shooting experiences. Dont bring exotic lens 200mm f2.8 or bulky stuffs which you think you might need it for 1-2 photos.. most of the time it just adds weight and nothing else.

    (4) wearing gloves and winter jackets, those materials are slippery .. Try not to side sling your gears or bags .. it tends to slip down in many occurances.. Always hook it across your body or on your neck. If possible, change to the neoprene elastic type of neck strap to prevent skin brusiing at neck due to long travelling or shooting period.

    (5) Gloves with rubber grips are the best .

    (6) changing lens in the right environement reduces 90% of dust issues on CCD.

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    How fast will my battery drain if i seldom use flash? Any idea?

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    And Australia is 240V like singapore right? so i just have to bring a convertor to use their sockets that's all. is that right?

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