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Thread: good webcam?

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    Default good webcam?

    what are the good models of webcam recently?
    sister wanna buy me a web cam gotta choose a few models ........
    any recommendations?

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    In here [ Sydney ] a Ritmo brand web-cam is quite good.
    Small grey metal coloured with very small lens but amazingly Bright video.

    AU$60 retail price.

    maybe cheaper in SG.

    Nikon 4 & lots of hollow chunky glass

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    Dun go for the cheapest like logitech quick cam express or the creative lowest range ones. Forgot the name liao. What you pay is what you get for the webcams. The lower range ones need quite a bright room for decent videoconferencing and webcam publishing.

    For me, quality is not an issue for me so i bought the Benq 300mini. Cost me 65 bucks at sls. The good thing is i can bring it out to take candid shots of my friends and scenery for my website. If got more money can get one with flash. Then u can bring out to shoot at night. Hmm. Wanna buy mine? It's less than a month old. Heheheh. Then i can buy the one with flash and bring it when i go cheong.

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    My C-4000z can be used as a web cam with the sutiable remote control programs...
    but it's too exp a web cam

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    saw this aiptek pencam.......looks quite nice...dunno if it's good.......any comments?


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