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    Hi , anyone knows where I can process C41 film in E6 chemistry? Does Ruby do it?

    By the way, I am using HC 100 Kodak Ektachrome, anyone knows how many stops I need to push for a good exposure in cross processing?

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    I don't think anyone does this anymore in Singapore, some people I know actually send it to HK to get it done...

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    Think your best bet is Ruby, as for pushing... think it's been a while since any of us done any CP, your guess will be as good as ours, maybe the shops can still advise?

    If I were to guess I would try 2 stops... but I am just guessing here so don't blame me...

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    Oh... I think they do charge extra for CP and pushing / pulling, just so you know...

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    are there any cross-processing lab i can go to to develop my slide films - i'm using Kodak Elitechrome 200.


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