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Thread: Which Camera is recommended

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    Default Which Camera is recommended

    i m a beginner, thinking to buy a dSLR in these few months time.
    below are the camera recommended by my frens. i'm a bit confusing now, may i know which one has a better performance / value for money?
    1. Canon 350D
    2. Olympus E-330, E-300, E-500 (becos lenses area cheaper)
    3. Nikon D70s


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    all of the above are good cameras.
    with the 3 cameras you have selected... im afraid there is no such thing as the "best one", although they are all definitely better in different areas than the others.

    also, i wouldnt advise getting into a camera system just because lenses are "cheaper". the range of lens on offer is also something to be considered. also, dont forget that there are very extensive third party options for lenses for canon and nikon mounts.

    go and check out review sites like . they do quite a good job of setting out the pros and cons of each camera...

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    Default Re: Which Camera is recommended

    As usual... the best way for you to determine which you like best is to try them out... Go loan them, rent them or find frens who own them... then you can have a better feel of it and be able to conclude better.

    And yes, it's a system to consider, not just the camera itself... lenses, flashes, etc...
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    Default Re: Which Camera is recommended

    you have to evaluate your time spend on the equipment , also this topic is debated over many times and all angles are well explored.

    all r good in their own field , but really u need to spend the time to bring the best out of the camera , afterall the camera cannot take photo by itself, n value for money is only when u can consitently take picture that which u like n enjoy in. if thats the case , 2K investment in the cam is a money well worth it, otherwise

    even a $200 cam may not be able to realise the value u r looking for.

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    Default Re: Which Camera is recommended

    If u are really a beginner.. perhaps a DSLR may not be the right choice for u..

    What makes u decide on a DSLR and not a prosumer or even a compact p&s?

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    This is not like buying a PC or a monitor. It's not so simple as "value for money" or "performance for money".

    When you buy a DSLR, you're not just buying a camera but you are buying into a system (ie Canon system, Nikon system, Olympus system, etc). You are buying into the user interface, the lenses, the flashes, the accessories, the software, the file formats, the way the camera is designed, etc. So it's not just about which DSLR has better performance or value for money, but which system serves your needs best, which one has the least compromises for your particualr needs.

    For instance, Nikon is regarded as having the best flash system, so if you do flash photography a lot, that will be an important factor in your consideration.

    Once you buy into a system, it's hard to switch because they each have their own ways of doing things.

    So do your research, there's tons of pages on the Net about what's good and bad about each system, then make your decision. Ask questions n forums only if you really can't find anything after googling, or if the answers you can find via Google are not good enough.

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    Default Re: Which Camera is recommended

    Add one more to your list, Sony DSLR Alpha 100, if you can wait, should be out in end of July.

    That is if you like to have built-in body Anti-Shake (or Super Seady Shot by Sony terms) for almost all your lens (even kit lens & 3rd party lenses), anti-dust function and 10 Mpixels.
    some preview from DPreview,
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    Default Re: Which Camera is recommended

    Hi all.. thankz for your most precious advice


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