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Thread: Crash course for taking animal photos

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    Default Crash course for taking animal photos

    Hello, i am total new to photography and doesnt know when should i adjust my shuttle or aperture to suit the environment. i have just bought my first digital camera panasonic fz7. i will be going to the zoo next week in the morning, so could anyone give me some advice on taking animal photos so that it look nice? i have view some of the animal photos in this forum, it is very rich in colour. how can i do the same? hope u guyz can help me. thankz in advance.. seeya!

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    Wrong sub-fourm you shloud have posted this in newbie corner but anyway..

    The one thin about animal photography is that you have no control over your subject so in order to get the composition you want you will need to observere the animal and its behaviour in order to roughly predict or guess what it might do. It helps if you already know in your head what kind of shot you want to achive.

    You mentioned that this is your first digital camera so I asusme you are new to photography too. I suggest you spend the week reading up on some exposure and compostion books ( you can try to find ones specifc to animals/wildlife) and experimenting with your camera first. Its important that you are familiar with your camera and know eactly what everything does so you dont fumble around and miss a shot.

    The fz-7 is a great prosumer camera for the price but remember to tyr to shoot at ISO200 and below as anything more really destroys all details (blame panasonics bad noise control).

    Hope this helps somewhat..
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