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Thread: Which brand/model Digicam should i buy??

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    Default Which brand/model Digicam should i buy??

    Hi all,

    I m very new here esp a newbie in photography. Well, i thought of getting a digicam soon by end of this year to chiong the 3% GST. lolz. well may i know u experts recommend which brand or model of a digicam??

    As i m a beginner, i do not need a very professional kind.

    My budget is less than $1k.

    wishing to get a 3mega pixels digicam, do u think it's sufficient if i want pictures to come out clear, sharp n nice??

    Also, need to take alot of nite shots using e digicam, which brand n model should i seriously getting? cos i might be going to overseas soon, need a good digicam to take scenaries.

    Hope to hear from you all soon. Thanks!

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    Ignoring what digicam you buy, you might wanna look at expense which can be incurred after you get your digicam

    1 x 256 MB Memory Storage or 2 x 128 MB Memory Storage
    1 Good tripod
    1 lens adapter for whatever camera you are getting
    1 polarizing filter (for clearing out reflections, reducing glare)
    2 x batteries (at minimum) if AA, den 4 x 4 pack Sanyo 2100 or Sanyo 1850 with a good smart charger

    Optional stuff would include close up filter

    The above would set you back around at least $250 already.

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    I've got a Canon A40 recently and other accesories. This is how much i've spent.

    1) Canon A40 - $390(w/o GST) - Cathay Photo
    2) GP Charger c/w 4 rechargable AA Bat.(Model 1600) - $40
    3) Extra Rechargable (x4) - $12 - Alan Photo
    4) Compact Flash (128MB)- $70 - Alan Photo
    5) Tripod - $20 - CarreFor
    6) Case - $10 - CarreFor

    As a beginner, this is what I have.
    Slowly will becomes more.....

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    Hi guys, I'm considering between two cameras: Fujifilm Finepix 602z and the Minolta Dimage 7hi.

    I'm concerned about whether is there a need to get a 5 megapixel camera as the price difference is greater than more than $500.

    My budget is actually below $1500, but if I have to spend above that, I would need to justify.

    My usage does include occasional printouts to A2 posters. However, most of the time, I will archive and print images up to 5R. As well, the usage would be dedicated to web pictures.

    From your point of view, do you think it is necessary to get the Dimage 7hi? Or will the Fujifilm 602z work fine?

    I enjoy the manual functions, hence won't be considering the compact digital cameras.

    How are the Olympus range? Would you guys recommend any of the models?


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    I like the 717... but it doesn't feel like a camera...
    "I'm... dreaming... of a wide... angle~
    Just like the ones I used to know~"

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    Originally posted by denizenx
    I like the 717... but it doesn't feel like a camera...

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    Some recommended Canon S45 to me...


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