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    Imho these are not really considered abstract, but as i personally do not take abstract, i dont wanna go too much into that...

    For the first picture, there's too much colour noise and its pretty distracting. There's flare too. The lamp is not in focus. The dent in the wall is pretty distracting cos to me it doesnt contribute to the picture.

    I like the second more. Nice warm colors, but unless there's something you want to convey, its quite a normal picture.

    Just my 2c, cheers

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    thnks.. for the title wise, i din know wad to name it tts y. urm e 1st pic is actually showing tt the heart shape is 'growing' to the light fr the lamp. but i guess i need to wk on e composition.I didnt want it to be really planned out.. it was more like a spontaneous shot.

    second shot is a metaphor of a couple .

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    Hi danlin!

    Don't worry about how to categorise your images, it doesn't really matter!
    #1 is interesting, and from your post, I understand the meaning behind it. It is a great idea, perhaps spoilt by technical issues. The texture of the wall maybe too distracting, so is the flare. You may want to retake the shot under more controlled conditions
    #2 may make a wonderful gift to your loved ones, but as before, the same technical problems spoils the image.

    Furthermore, I feel that the shots are too much to the warm side. If the background is too orange, the red coloured hearts do not stand out much. You can try tweaking your white balance, or changing the light source.

    Keep it up!

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    thnks pointblue for ur constructive critics and advices! I'll go bk n work on the technical issues... =)


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