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    thanks for comments in advance!!

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    i've got no technical comments coz i duno any technical stuff.. however, i din feel that the green part looked like a leaf. since ur title was "life of a leaf", i was expecting to at least see the "leaf".

    but i still i tot its a very nice shot of water droplets.

    juz my 2 cents

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    Nice photo but title needs refinement.

    Leaves mostly expels water... So the "Life" does not link with "leaves" in this shot.
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    Hi satya!

    I'm not really bothered with the title, but this shot is just truly amazing! Depth of field? Check! Good exposure? Check! Clear subject with non-distracting background? Check! A wonderful picture in any way, this really appeals to me and speaks volumes about the little details that we blindly ignore everyday.

    My only caveats is that this particular picture seems somewhat cliche. It belongs to the 'wall picture' category, which means that it looks pretty to see and makes a great decor piece. Nothing wrong there, unless you were trying to bring out a message in this shot. You need something special to bring this shot to our attention, otherwise the feel would be like looking at another sunset picture. Pretty, but too common.

    I see you have an eye for nice aesthetics, judging from this pic and the gallardo you have as your avatar


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