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Thread: Harddisk failure

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ah Pao
    Sometimes it's just overheated. I've heard people (and my ex-boss) fixing their hard drive problems by packing it in the freezer for an hour or two and then quickly booting it up, then copying the stuff off before it dies (Linux is a good choice, but learn all the necessary mounting commands and stuff before attempting!) I've never done this before, so try it at your own risk.
    a liveCD is an excellent way to do this .. it usually has a GUI to help with the mounting and umount. BUT DUN PUT UR HD IN THE FREEZER..cos wat i understand is u still have warranty on it.. if they see corrosion due to condensation i think your warranty is gone..

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    i think my HD is screw big time ..

    1)I brought the HD to a friend and ask him to help me to recover my files. He try but failed.
    He managed to access C: but just cant access D: as well. The D: got stuck halfway and the pics cant be recover.
    But hes quite sure there isnt any physical fault with the HD.

    Right now I am running windows on a new W.Digtal HD. Connect the old HD to slave (IDE2) and run Linux. I got the LIVE CD ubuntu V5.1 (not sure if is the correct one) But I have no idea why is was stuck at a black screen and never get to load to Linux software. Suspect is HD problem tat cause this.

    Run windows with spoilt HD. And it prompt to scan my D:. I skip and restart computer.
    Will try tml morning ...

    Any more ideas?

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    What is the make, model and size of your hard disk?
    What was use to attempt recovery?
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