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Thread: Life's Great!....

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    Default Life's Great!....

    When you consider the alternative...

    But pls dun take this pic the wrong way.
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    i like the colour. but find the reflection on tiles pretty distracting.
    juts my 2 cents.

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    how is life great as mentioned of this pic? just a newbie wanting to learn more.

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    life is great not being them.. love the colors.. or though the reflection off the tiles need a little adjusting.. my 2 cents.. try the magic wand on cs.. it works wonders ! i mean photoshop cs..

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    Thanks ppl.

    The reflection is totally blown beyond salvaging. I tot I'd just leave it there. Maybe I should have a pano crop just for the heads only.

    rEv09, as stated by LightStalker. Life is great, because... no one wants to be dead.
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