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Thread: Flashlight Photography (starts on 30 June 06)

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    Smile Flashlight Photography (starts on 30 June 06)

    Hi all............

    Come and master the art of Flashlight Photography from a professional photographer. The course shall equip students with sufficient skills in handling various situations with flashlight as well as the creative use of it. Students shall have ample hands-on sessions with the guidance from the instructor to practice what they have learnt.
    Duration : 4 weeks, 2 hours per session
    Course Fee : S$160 (member), S$260 (non-member)
    Language : English
    Pre-requisite : Basic Photography Course
    Instructor : Goh Kim Hui

    LESSON 1
    Guide number
    Effect of aperture and ASA on flashlight usage
    Sync speed
    Internal flash versus external flash
    flash accessories
    the external battery pack
    Exposure with flash (P,A,S,M, which one to use?)

    LESSON 2
    Flash techniques:
    (1) bounce flash
    (2) reflected
    (3) flash with filters
    (4) slow sync flash
    (5) rear curtain flash
    (6) multi-strobe flash
    (7) high speed flash
    Controlling shadows

    LESSON 3
    Night session with flash

    LESSON 4
    day outdoor session with flash (model session)

    Students are required to submit six images following the criteria:
    (1) flash used indoor on portrait
    (2) Fill flash outdoor on model
    (3) Slow sync flash at night
    (4) Flash with filters
    (5) High speed flash
    (6) Group photo with flash

    Certificates will be given to successful submissions.

    Interested applicants, please drop us an e-mail to to register.

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    Arrow Re: Status

    Hurry!! Hurry! Before all are taken up..........


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