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Thread: EXIF colour space

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    Default EXIF colour space

    when i highlight an image in Adobe Bridge, the EXIF data is displayed on the left side of the screen under the metadata tab.

    the EXIF colour space states "uncalibrated".
    what does this mean?

    thansk in advanced all.
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    Default Re: EXIF colour space

    according to

    "...the EXIF color space tag can only identify the color space if the color space being used is sRGB. There are only two valid settings for the EXIF color space tag and those are sRGB (a standard color space for PC's and the web) and "uncalibrated". Basically this means that if your camera is storing images in the sRGB color space, you should be fine since the EXIF color space tag will specify sRGB and your photo software should be able to identify sRGB as the color space of your images. If your camera is not storing images in the sRGB color space, you really cannot tell what color space is being used by looking at the EXIF information since "uncalibrated" is all the information that will be provided."


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