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Thread: Koh Samet need help!

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    Default Koh Samet need help!

    Heading to Koh Samet next week and realised that not much info on the place. Anyone been there recently? Any advice?


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    Default Re: Koh Samet need help!

    I was there in 2004.

    It's pretty easy getting to Ko Samet. Just take a bus from Ekamai bus terminal (Eastern bus terminal) at Sukhumvit Rd heading to Ban Phe. Costs abt 90B for air conditioned bus. Make sure you take the one that goes directly to Ban Phe. The bus ride is abt 3.5 - 4hrs.

    Once you reach Ban Phe, head to the pier. There is a window selling ferry tickets to Koh Samet. Just buy one way. Buy your return ferry tickets when you're coming back from Ko Samet becos if you buy two way, there are risks that your ticket might not be "valid" when coming back, in a bid to get you to buy another ticket, or you'll wait a long time for the right ferry as there are different companies operating ferry services.

    When you're at the Ban Phe pier, it is advised that you stock up on drinking water as water is more expensive on the island, and everything else.

    Once you are on the island, there is a pick-up pt outside a dive shop where pick-ups will come and drop you off at different parts of the island, depending on where you want to go. Ther is a board nailed to a tree listing the different charges. There is an entry fee of 200B to the island.

    I'm sorry i can't really recall where i stayed as i basically just hit the island and hunted for a room. Btw, bring an extra lock. The huts are normally using those key locks, so who knows who has extra key. Bring your own lock and use your lock.

    Ko Samet is a really nice place to laze around.

    The beach bars in Ko Samet rocks!!!

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    Default Re: Koh Samet need help!

    Haha thanks dude!! Okay will go check out the bars and also snap mor shots to show you guys... hopefully my shots turn out okay! haha


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