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Thread: Noob at bird photography

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    Default Noob at bird photography

    After buying my new Nikon 70-300mm f4-5.6G lens tomorrow, I decided to go bird park to give it a try .

    As I am relatively new to this, can anyone share any tips?

    And would the Sunny 16 rule (f16, 200ISO, 1/200) work well? Provided its sunny lah... I am aimin to shoot like at f10-f11 like this because this lens got softness issue .. (I hate it)

    Issit possible? Or issit better to shoot at f5.6?

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    Default Re: Noob at bird photography

    IMHO, 300mm is still too short for Birding. At bird park would still be ok but not in the wild. Serious Birder uses 500mm and above.

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    Bird park wise, f8 to f11 would suffice... and you probably will do well with extra support like a tripod or a monopod...
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