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Thread: Whats possible with s30/40/45??

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    Default Whats possible with s30/40/45??

    Hi, a lot of the wonderful pictures i see here are shot with d60s g3s, a40s, etc...

    can anyone post some shots that shows what cool stuff can be done with s30/40/45?

    is it possible to take those nice shots of everything blur except the target in focus?

    i tried to do so using f2.8, but effect not so good leh

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    Maybe you can read up on a book call "learning to see creatively" by Peterson. (saw it in well as available at the library)

    My advice is know the limits of your equipment and upgrade when you 'advance' above it.

    I shoot this photo with a disposable cam.

    Hope this will encourage you that there is nothing inferior about picture taken by your camera compare to those by DSLRs.


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