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Thread: 60gig Microdrive coming!

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    o The Seagate ST18 Series drives leverage Seagate's perpendicular recording technology to deliver an industry leading 60GB on a single platter -- all in a compact 1.8-inch disc drive ideal for today's handheld devices. Designed for portable media players and GPS systems;
    digital video cameras and palmtop PCs, the drives offer best-in-class features including G-Force Protection, a technology that increases
    robustness to 1500 Gs -- comparable to solid-state memory -- making the ST18 Series the toughest drive on the market. Sophisticated power management ensures longer battery life for handheld devices.

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    Er, I might be a bit behind in terms of tech, but is a 1.8 inch drive considered a MicroDrive type? I don't remember it to be so. Still it's fascinating to have that much storage in that tiny a space.

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    1.8" drives are for ultraportable laptops. The microdrive is a 1" (or was that 0.85") drive i think.

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    Microdrive is either 0.85" or 1" drive, 1.8" drive has been used in all the media players and MP3 players. IPOD (except the Nano) has been using 1.8" drive. 60G 1.8" dirve was available in IPOD Video more than 1 year ago. I am not surprise to see 80G for 1.8" dirve.

    Today, Seagate already have 8G micro drive, and I believe it will be 10G, 12G, 20G 30G ... in years to come.

    If all of us remember: in the 80s, Harddisk was washing machine size with 8" platter containing only few MBytes. Then 5.25" dirve with up to 5 or 10M in 1986 then .... 0.8" drive up to 8G today.

    What's next?????

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    no more hard drive?

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    Microdrive is only 1.4"x1.65". 1.8" drive can't fit on it.

    That's not MicroDrive!


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    Almost everybody has already pointed out the fact that 1.8" will not fit into a Microdrive. Anyway, I would not like to buy one 60GB Microdrive regardless of that, unless the R/W speed is also exceeding conventional CF speeds, which is not the case. I guess even this one will use rotating disk and other mechanical parts which definitly limits the R/W speed. I think it is better to dream about a large (I mean really LARGE) and fast (possibly faster than Extreme III) CF.


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