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Thread: When the eyes speak!

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    Default When the eyes speak!

    Shot on my trip to India. Feel free to comment... thanks in advance

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    Nice expressive eyes

    But Im quite uncomfortable with the composition. Maybe you should frame it in such a way as to bring the focus more to the eyes. For now its almost the whole face.

    Also, I dunno if its just me, but the messy bunch of hairs at the back of his head is rather distracting..


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    Yes, the eyes look impressive, but the white is very distracting. It will be good that to remove the white on the top, left and bottom of the image.
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    I agree with moonstone. The composition is ok for me but I would rather view this as a panoramic image.
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    Like the rugged look of the face and piercing eyes.

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    I think the window panes were a natural frame, producing a panoramic image. I don't think you needed to crop them off.

    Personally, I think you should lose the thick black frame you created. Just a simple think line frame will do... and then you can keep the window panes as a natural frame.

    btw, I love the expression and those eyes.


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