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    hey folks,
    hi, this is my first photo posted here.
    A shot of my grandpa.

    Thanks for comments.


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    i like this, very honest piece of work

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    Nice and natural - good lights and shadows.

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    thanks .

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    Good job.

    I would have showed a whee bit more of his torso though...

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    well done!

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    thanks espion and ronnie_sjr.


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    Very nice picture. The light is very nice, with this little bit darker part on the right. It gives a bit more dynamics to the picture. It wouldn't have been so nice when the ligth was more monotome I think. Nice job.

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    Good colors and textures. .... perhaps slightly tighter crop will make the subject more stand-out.
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    Hi sabby,

    I like the photo. The lighting works for me. Good expression too.

    He looks like an interesting natured person, say,"hello for me".

    Time, is an effortless construction :)

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    wow how do you achieve the lighting effect?

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    thanks alot Elleke,photo.cavendish and Pablo.

    hmm, about the lighting,my grandpa was sitting 2metres from my house window then.Hope that answers your question. :-)


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    I think technically, the picture is quite well taken. Nice lighting and exposure.

    However, there's something about the effect of the picture which I want to comment on. The negative space to the right is in the shadows. That would make your grandpa look a little sad. If your grandpa is generally sad, the effect would be very good.

    However, I perceive from the look from your grandpa's face and the smile that he is actually a serene and happy old man. I think it could be better if you composed your picture such that grandpa is on the right side, and the light on the left. That would make the picture brighter and grandpa happier.


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