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Thread: Newbie Problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by genegoh

    I learnt a lot from this site. Hope you do too.
    Thanks for the link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LightStalker
    Hi guys, do you guys use a 1gb sd card or 2 gb? i just got myself a kingston ultimate 1gb sd for photo shots, at the largest size, 6M, i get about 360 shots. I'm using a normal panasonic fz7 710mah battery. Last night after listening to your advise, i went out to take some experimental photos and realise that the number of shots finished faster than my battery(without flash). Could be due to the reason that the battery is brand new. Do you think it's better that i get a 2gb card and a spare battery in case? i never go for outdoor photo taking before and i am afraid that either one (card or battery) will run out faster than the other. What do you advise? While walking around with ur camera do you usually leave it on and take a shot at something nice? i plan to go out and take some shots outdoors this weekend...
    Thanks for all your help and support for my problems above !!

    always bring extra extra extra everything when u go shooting
    anyway, do take note that when u shoot pictures with longer exposure, there will be higher consumption of power
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    o_O you must have been taking shots really quickly or something to finish 360 shots before your battery ran out.. either that or the battery lasts really long.. anyway I'm using a Canon 350D with a 1gb card and I find that it's about enough if I delete lousy shots as I go. If you're fine with doing that as you walk around, then 1gb is enough. If not, you could either get another 1gb card or a 2gb card. As for the battery, it looks like you don't need an extra for now. And those are expensive, mind you.

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    The reason why my sd filled up faster than my battery was because i use auto bracket alot. I was experimenting night shots as i figured that it was probably the hardest to take. Right now i have a problem with the sharpness. It's like the top half of the picture is more grainy than the bottom half. Any reason why? i was using f8, iso100, 18mm, 15secs. At Night with tripod. Please advise.
    Thanks & Regards.

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