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Thread: noise for canon A540

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    Default noise for canon A540

    Dear all:

    I used to have canon A520 and last week, bought its successor A540..To my surprise, i compare the photos taken by both camera. A520 has certainly lower noise than the pictures taken by A540..Any idea why it is so? I thought the successor A540 should be better quality than A520 at least for noise level, right?

    btw, my A520 is made in Japan, and A540 is made in Malaysia, not sure if there's anything to do with this.

    hope to hear from all your advices!

    Thanks and cheers,

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    Default Re: noise for canon A540

    If I'm not wrong, the reasons is because A520 has got fewer megapixels on the same size CCD as compared to the A540.. more megaxipels is not necessarily better..

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    I just changed the setting of photo to superfine...then the photo seems ok now..less noise..and it becomes comparable to the pics taken by A520..not too sure about the pixels on CCD though..



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