My friend is looking for respondents for a digital still camera study. She often looks for people for Focus Groups Discussions or Interviews for product improvement purposes or pre-product launch. Requirements as per below:

Criteria for Study

Description: Looking for respondents who have bought Digital Still Camera
in the last 12 months. Must produce warranty card to prove that
itís less than 12 months.
Gender: Male
Age Group: 15-55 years
Requirement: Have to attend Ĺ-hour interview at Burlington square
(next to sim lim square)
Incentive for taking part: $30.00 (cash)
Choice of Dates: 3-18 June 2006
If weekdays, avail timings 2-8pm. If weekends, avail timings,

Your opinions and participation will be greatly appreciated.

Please be in touch with her at