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Thread: JDM vehicle in Singapore

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    Default JDM vehicle in Singapore

    Will you consider to buy the JDM car?
    It is worth buying?
    Will it have any problem seeking for workshop repair after warranty is over?

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    Default Re: JDM vehicle in Singapore

    What is JDM you mean those honda one.

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    Japanese domestic market (JDM)

    Vehicle like Toyota Belta, Ist, Vitz, Ractis,yaris and wish(MPV). Honda like Accord Euro type R are JDM

    JDM car are Singapore Parallel import
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    AFAIK, parallel importers generally only give one year warranty on the car, though some more reputed ones give 3 years warranty (of cos at a higher selling price).

    if one is really keen to get JDM car, be careful of those hidden costs involved, ie to say, those advertised price comes with (many) fineprints, T&C, etc

    also, insurance loading may be higher, due to the lesser-availability of the spare parts. any parts that need replacement may have to take longer and cost more to bring in from japan.

    also, in an unfortunate event where the japan supplier issues a recall of the JDM cars (eg, faulty part that compromise safety), there is a likelihood that the PI importer will never inform u. since they dun really have any after-sales service.


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