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Thread: How many camera bags u own?

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    Now that I think about it, its really a fact, probably too many...

    1. Big Pelican Case for video stuffs
    2. Nikon Pelican Case
    3. Fuji Pelican Case
    4. Olympus Hard Case
    5. Lowepro S&F 100
    6. Lowepro S&F 200
    7. Lowepro S&F 300
    8. Lowepro S&F 400
    9. Lowepro Rolling Mini Trekker
    10. Lowepro Mini Trekker Classic
    11. Lowepro Specialist 85
    12. Lowepro (can't remember the model - Rezo?) Bag free with D200.
    12. Too many to count Lowepro pouches and lens cases

    And still haven't count the many cases for transporting studio eqpt/lighting/stands...

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    Default Re: How many camera bags u own?

    wow some of you guys have such a bag collection, one bag for each day of the week?

    for me only got a crumpler 5m dollar home for day to day use and a lowepro compudaypack when i oso haf to bring my laptop or when travelling overseas

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    Default Re: How many camera bags u own?

    I'm not familiar with models but my bags are:

    (1) a big lowepro backpack for many lenses and cameras.
    (2) a smaller tamrac bodybag (slings front and back) for a camera, flash and extra lens.
    (3) a $20 anonymous belt bag with 3 tubes/pouches that is handy to carry lenses while I shoot.
    (4) a smaller camera bag (I think tamrac also) but not used anymore after my gears went beyond kit and a flash.

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